It's been a while since we've heard an update on the car coming from the joint venture of Renault-Nissan and Indian manufacturer Bajaj, a competitor to the Tata Nano. Carlos Ghosn, Renault-Nissan's CEO, fills us in with a statement that the ULC (Ultra Low Car) project is alive and well. What news do we learn? First, the 2011 release date has been pushed back to 2012. Second, the car is going to cost $3,000 (compared to the Nano's base price of around $2,000) and will still be available in a version that gets 70 mpg. According to Ghosn, the car will be designed, developed and produced by Bajaj, while Renault-Nissan will provide sales and marketing. We surmise that an export model, with either Nissan or Renault (or maybe Dacia) badges, is more than a possibility.

[Source: AFP via Le Blog Auto]

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