Do you get bored when driving along the interstate? Ever wish you could just pull out your laptop and check Facebook on a long straightaway? If a EU-funded project called Sartre ever becomes a reality, you could. Sartre is a sort of drafting software that would use wireless controls to group up to 8 cars together into a train that would follow a truck or bus driven by a professional driver. The software uses GPS-based technology to control the distance between cars and keeps them moving at a constant speed, always guided by the lead vehicle. Road trains would be great for long-distance commuters who don't want to pay attention to the road and would also help with by saving fuel, since they are estimated to reduce fuel costs up to 20 percent since the truck would do most of the job of pushing air out of the way. Science fiction? We'll find out soon when a test on public roads in Spain takes place.

[Source: BBC]

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