Serious automotive testing - Click above to watch the video after the break

These days, cars and trucks need to pass a slew of strict testing procedures before they can be certified for sale. Included among these procedures are tests for safety, emissions, performance and reliability. Though they're surely a hassle for automakers and one reason it's so difficult to bring a new model to market, these tests are also why today's cars are better than they've ever been before.

Apparently, things are done a little differently in Europe. While we might have guessed that today's Funny Car Commercial was made by Citroen – quite possibly the quirkiest automaker in existence – the advertisement is actually from French automaker Renault. Though the ad says it's "99% Serious," we kinda think they've got it backwards. Click past the break to see what we mean, and check out for more hilarious car commercials from around the world.


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