Bad Boy Buggies
markets its tough all-terrain vehicles using the slogan "They'll Never Hear You Coming" to hunters who generally are of a mind to slay whatever bucks they can track down. Well, now they can save them too. No, not the four-legged woodland creatures with the white fur on the underside of their tails which are quite tasty. Rather the paper-with-pictures-of-past-presidents-kind. Lots of them.

The cash comes in the form of a $5,590 tax-credit and applies to versions of their vehicles outfitted with all the lights, seatbelts and other safety equipment required to make the buggies street legal. While the low speed vehicle (LSV) package does tack close a grand onto the pricetag, the resulting savings at tax time and the added ability to take your Bad Boy to the streets makes this option something of a no-brainer. Especially if you happen to live in Oklahoma, where they have also just been approved for that state's incredible 50 percent-of-purchase-price tax credit. In fact, if you're in the market for this kind of machine, the only reason we can think of not to track down a dealer now is they just might have even more amazing models next year. Hit the jump for a promotional video featuring the Bad Boy XT in action.

[Source: Bad Boy Buggies / Natchez Democrat]

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