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A few weeks back, we got to meet a couple of the guys from electric motorcycle maker Brammo as they set off on a road trip from Ann Arbor to Washington, D.C. We thought the new Enertia powercycle was a pretty cool ride but we were a bit shocked at the $11,995 price tag. Well, it looks like Brammo was seeing some inertia to the Enertia's sticker price and have made an adjustment. As of today, the Enertia is priced at a more palatable $7,995 and a 10 percent federal tax credit drops the price down to just $7,195.

Brammo is also offering a finance deal through the Best Buy stores that have begun to stock the plug-in bike. With $2,000 down, you can get the Enertia for $249/month for two years with no interest. That certainly makes it a bit easier to swallow.

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press release

Brammo Introduces New Price For The Enertia Plug-In Electric Motorcycle, Now $7,995

The 33% savings is a direct result of engineering advances

Ashland, Oregon - November 10, 2009 – BRAMMO, maker of plug-in electric motorcycles, announced today it is dropping the price of the all-electric BRAMMO Enertia powercycle, to $7,995. Customers are also eligible for a 10% federal income tax credit, further reducing the price to $7,195.

"While this pricing breakthrough is innovative in transportation, it is in line with consumer electronics, where engineering and production advances get passed on to customers as quickly as possible to stimulate adoption of the technology," stated Craig Bramscher, founder and CEO of Brammo. "The Enertia is consumer electronics that you can ride and BRAMMO's engineers are able to deliver a better value proposition to customers sooner than a traditional transportation company."

Today, qualified customers can walk into select Best Buy stores and with a $2,000 down payment, ride out on an Enertia for $249 a month with 24-month no interest with payments financing offered through Best Buy. The Enertia can also be purchased direct from in select states where the product is not yet available at a Best Buy.

The BRAMMO Enertia powercycle is the ideal commuter vehicle as it blends an exhilarating ride experience with environmental consciousness and low operating costs. The Enertia has a top speed of over 60 mph, has a range of 42 miles and charges in about four hours by plugging into a standard wall outlet-all while using less than a dollar in electricity per 100 miles ridden.

"With this price reduction Brammo has positioned electric vehicles for the mass market and consumers can now be part of a solution to the transportation crises that America is facing," said Bramscher. "The wait is over, consumers can now buy an EV that is price competitive with a gas burning alternative and enjoy reduced maintenance and substantially lower ownership costs."

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About Brammo

Brammo ( is a premier specialty vehicle manufacturer developing sustainable performance products for the next generation of transportation. Through integration of digital engineering and high impact design, Brammo transforms ideas into compelling products. Located in Ashland, Oregon the company was founded in 2002 and is privately held.

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