In 1974, this 1965 Volkswagen Type 2 (a.k.a. 'Bus') was stolen from Washington State. Fast-forward to October 19 of this year and custom agents at the Port of Los Angeles open up a container bound for Europe only to rediscover said van. Somehow, the Bus's VIN was still in the LAPD's stolen vehicle database. Guess which 1965 Type 2 is no longer headed for Europe?

Here's where it gets a little bit foggy, a little bit weird. According to the Los Angeles Times, the cops and the feds can't find the original owner. And the gentleman that restored the thirteen-window Bus to such pristine condition and who was planning on shipping said Bus back to the fatherland is also a victim of the theft – meaning he's off the hook, but out of money. Because way back in 1974, Allstate ("You're in good hands") Insurance paid the then owner $2,500 for the stolen Volkswagen. Which means that Allstate is winding up with the Bus.

Update: The original owner has been located! Her name is Michelle Squires and yes, she would like her Bus back. The reason that she couldn't be located at first is because her last name used to be Carlson. Says Squires, "I don't know if I could afford it because the restored bus is supposed to be around $25,000 now, but I would like the opportunity to talk to Allstate to see if I could get it back." While we think it would be a stellar PR coup for Allstate, Squires should probably prepare to stay separated from her van.

[Source: Los Angeles Times | Image: Department of Homeland Security]

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