Stonehenge, Rosebud, The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd – all have confounded us with their hidden meanings. And to that list we now add the logo for the Dodge Viper. Somehow it has eluded us for years that, when turned upside down, the Viper logo turns into what appears to be... Daffy Duck. Or, as some other folks have mentioned, perhaps it's Duck Dodgers, or Darkwing Duck. Someone else thought it was "a gator with a volcano in the background," but we have no idea how that happened...

Regardless of which name that foul goes by, it's quite a revelation to make this late into the Viper game. If there were any meaning intended from the inversion, we'd expect it to be a swan, not a duck. But what does it all mean? History might know. For now, it's just another one of those quirks that is the Dodge Viper, and yet another reason we'll miss it when it departs in 2011. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

[Source: Bits & Pieces via Boing Boing | Image: Micihi1308 via Wikimedia Commons]


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