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If the eVaro from Future Vehicles Technologies pictured above looks familiar, then perhaps you've been following the development of the Alé. A reddish orange Alé, developed by FVT when it still stood for FuelVapor Technologies, was on display at SEMA in 2006. The more things change...

Making its "debut" at SEMA this year, the eVaro was decked out as a golden squid. Then, as now, the car is one of the contenders for the Progressive Automotive X Prize on display at SEMA this year. Over the years, FVT has increased the car's estimated MPG rating from 92 mpg using a pure gasoline engine to 275 mpg (at certain speeds) by shifting the focus from performance to efficiency. FVT added a plug-in hybrid powertrain to the car, which can now go up to 90 miles on battery power alone. The eVaro is still plenty fast, with a 0-60 time under 5 seconds. Even with all of these great numbers, we're still not sure there is a market for 10,000 of these a year, something the Automotive X-Prize is looking for. Nonetheless, we've got to hand it to FVT for their stick-to-itiveness and name-changing ability. Why did they choose eVARO? Because it means "electric vehicle with advanced regenerative braking onboard," of course.

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