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Peugeot has sent its BB1 electric car concept to British capital for a weekend visit. The BB1 was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September as a tiny lithium ion-powered city car. The concept uses a pair of rear hub motors for propulsion and Peugeot claims it will go 75 miles on a charge.

The city of London is a prime location for the use of electric vehicles since EVs are exempt from having to pay the congestion charges to get into the city center. The concept is being displayed in Covent Garden all weekend and an assortment of local celebrities have shown up to check it out. Peugeot has branded two dozen rickshaws with BB1 badge and is offering people free rides to see the concept.

[Source: Peugeot]

press release


  • On Display in Covent Garden 7th and 8th November
  • A New Future Urban Mobility Solution
  • Electric Powered with a Range of 75 Miles
  • Zero Emissions
  • Accommodates Four Occupants

Peugeot's revolutionary vehicle of the future - the BB1 - will be visiting London's Covent Garden on 7th and 8th November.

The BB1 is a glimpse of what could be urban mobility in the future. A cross between a car and a scooter, it is powered by two clever electric motors mounted in the rear wheels and has enough power from its lithium-ion battery packs to travel up to 75 miles between recharges.

Unlike many small electric cars, this vehicle can accommodate up to four adults due to its innovative layout and controls which are more scooter than car. Solar panels help power the vehicle's onboard systems and it will communicate directly with a modern smart phone, so you can have your music, images, hands-free phone and navigation, just how you like it!

The Peugeot BB1 will be on show in Covent Garden from 10 am until 7 pm, on 7th and 8th November, enabling the general public to have a close up look into the future of urban mobility.

Twenty five Peugeot BB1 branded rickshaws will also be operating around Central London to ferry interested individuals to the BB1 display, free of both cost and of course emissions.

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