Garmin EcoRoute screen shots - click above for image gallery

At last January's Consumer Electronics Show, Garmin announced a new optional extra for its Nuvi GPS system. The Eco-Route adds the ability for 1xxx series Nuvis to display a variety of vehicle information about what is going on in the engine. The cable plugs into the cars OBD-II diagnostic communications port to read out an array of data including fuel and air information, throttle position, combustion mixture and more. The system also includes a driving challenge that users can use to help train themselves to drive more efficiently. In addition, the Nuvi now allows drivers to select a more economical route that may or may not be the fastest or shortest route. The connection cable is priced at $149 but no on-sale date has been announced. It could be shipping before the end of the year or early 2010.

[Source: GPSCity via Engadget]

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