In some ways, the all-electric Tesla Roadster and the plug-in hybrid Fisker Karma don't compete. The difference in powertrains, which will filter down to the two compaies' lower-cost models, the Tesla Model S and Fisker's Project Nina vehicle, means that slightly different consumers are going to be interested in these cars. In other ways, though, Fisker and Tesla go head-to-head for the luxury green car market, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk isn't afraid to fan the competition flames a bit.

According to Delaware Online, Musk recently told a Delaware audience (really, Delaware?) that, while he hopes Fisker succeeds, he has "some reservations about the feasibility of Fisker's approach." Why? Because "Fisker is very far from overcoming those [engineering obstacles to build an electric car]." Subtle.

This isnt' the first time there's been contention between the two. In courtrooms last year, Fisker and Tesla fought a battle over insider information that ended with "complete vindication" for Fisker. We'll see if this latest dis causes any further comment from Fisker – a company not known for taking it lying down.

[Source: Delaware Online via earth2tech]

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