You know, when we're driving along, eating buffalo wings and trying to manage a Super Slurpee while playing Cooking Dash on the iPhone, it sure would be helpful to have a place to keep all that stuff organized. Thankfully, there's the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk, which accomplishes all of the above AND finally gives us a place to keep our bleu cheese and celery sticks, to boot. (You see, our cupholders are already occupied by french fries.) This "Why didn't I think of that?" stroke of genius slides right around your steering wheel, which it uses as an anchor for your much-needed flat surface.
Listen, steering is overrated anyway, right? Actually, the official product description on says, "For safety reasons, never use this product while driving." But come on, we're excellent drivers. We're pretty sure we can handle this. Based on the user reviers, others have found this device to be exceedingly convenient. Some of the user-submitted photos suggest that the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk may indeed be troublesome in the hands of less experienced drivers, but we remain skeptical. We think we'll put one in the shopping cart with that Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt we've been eying. Then, when it arrives, we're hunting for a drive-thru pizzeria. Thanks for the tips, everyone!


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