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Take an old Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, repurpose the showroom to display a Fisker Karma, invite a bunch of plug-in hybrid-loving locals over a grand opening and – boom – you've got yourself a fun night. This is what happened recently in Los Angeles, with about 200 people attending the invite-only grand opening of the Santa Monica Fisker dealership, the first. The car was popular with attendees, some of whom put down deposits once they saw the PHEV in person for the first time.

Dealer Mike Sullivan told Automotive News he already has 120 reservations, including many from impatient celebrities, for the Karma. "There's not a guy here who wants to be second in line. Two-thirds of the people waiting, you would recognize on the cover of a magazine. Yet, we all know it has to be a slow roll-out. It's a startup. There are always issues," he told AN.

Still, Sulllivan said he's confident he can sell up to 15 Karma and Karma S models a month once production starts next year. At least 32 Fisker dealerships are scheduled to open. If each is able to garner the same number of pre-orders as Sullivan's Santa Monica store and sells 15 cars a month – a huge if – that would account for 9,600 Karmas sold in the first year, well over the 7,500 that Fisker plans to sell in the U.S. (global sales are a hoped-for 15,000). Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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