Chevy Volt durability testing - Click above to watch the video after the break

These days, we hardly give any thought at all to driving our precious cars and trucks over rough, potholed pavement. Sure, it's uncomfortable and we avoid the nastiest stretches when possible, but the worst thing that we expect might happen is a blown tire or bent wheel. In the grand scheme of things, not that big a deal.

Electric cars, though, are different animals entirely. Back when the automobile was in its infancy and the internal combustion engine first staked its claim as the powerplant of choice, it was sometimes possible to practically ruin a car when traveling over harsh terrain. That just won't do in today's modern society. For proof that electric vehicles need just as much care as other cars, look no further than Lyle Dennis from, who's own Mini E broke down after hitting a nasty pothole.

So, what is General Motors doing to ensure that the Volt doesn't rattle its delicate electrical bits to pieces over the course of its life? Glad you asked. Click past the break for a video showing the rigorous durability testing that GM is currently inflicting on its fleet of pre-production Volts.


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