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SEMA is an interesting show. We go in knowing full well that 60-75% of the cars we'll be walking past and/or covering are just trash. Sorry if this bombshell offends anyone, but your Chrysler 300C doesn't need 26-inch hoops, nor seventy gallons of sparkle orange paint. Or diamonds. But, as Doyle Brunson might say if he covered cars instead of being the Godfather of Texas Hold 'Em, that's SEMA.

We mention this in the "other Fords" post because some of these custom FoMoCos look fantastic, or at least pretty good. But 60-75% of them, well, we're not entirely sold. Let's start with the good. Despite the two-tone paint job, we're pretty darn smitten with the Fusion T4 by MRT above. More cars need big old intercoolers taking up the whole lower fascia. And while they might be an inch (or three) too big, the wheels are nice. And that white Lincoln MKS? Nice.

But then you got the other cars contained in this here gallery, and... um.... we like the Lincoln MKT, because well, we just like MKTs. But we're not sold on the Focus upgrades, especially since Ford saw fit to bring a Euro Focus RS to the show. Game, set, outmatched. And don't even get us started on the Edge they've cooked up here. Specifically, the wing on the back. No really – see for yourself.

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