The past few years in Formula One have seen an unprecedented return of legendary family names to the sport: names like Villeneuve, Piquet and Rosberg. But the most hyped scion of racing fame has been Bruno Senna.

The nephew of the late, great Ayrton Senna was rated highly by his world-champion uncle and has been on everyone's watch list for the past few years since he began competing in open-wheel formula racing. The young Brazilian was tipped to race in F1 for Honda until the Japanese automaker (which, incidentally, powered all three of his uncle's championship-winning McLarens) withdrew from the sport. Instead Bruno bided his time, won a few GP2 races and completed the 2008 championship as runner-up while finishing on the podium at his Le Mans Series debut at Catalunya.

Those waiting for the Senna name to return to F1, however, can stop waiting as Bruno has signed on with Campos Meta 1. Notably, despite the family ties with several teams on the grid – including Lotus, McLaren and Williams, to say nothing of the STR ties through family friend and confidante Gerhard Berger – Bruno ended up signing with one of the new teams joining the grid next year.

There's been no word on who will partner with him for the rookie squad, but sources suggest a more experienced veteran driver (like Alex Wurz, for example) is in the mix. But one thing's for sure: Senna's going to have all eyes fixed on him, and he'll have quite the reputation to live up to.

[Source: Autosport | Image: Mauricio Lima/Getty]

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