VIDEO: Audi in on developing dashboard-mounted buddy robot

MIT and Audi present Aida -- Click above to watch video

We don't know where carmakers got the idea that we want intelligent robots learning our behavior and then talking to us. Wherever it was, we don't want it any more than they thought we did 25 years ago in a talking Maxima. Nissan has its PIVO concept, which has the distinction of being as creepy as it is cute. Now Audi's in the game with it's much cuter, Wall-E reminiscent cybernetic accomplice, Aida.

In conjunction with MIT labs, Aida – an acronym for Affective Intelligent Driving Agent – is not only meant to help you think less about where you're going and how you're going to get there, she also pays attention to all of your driving so she can start recommending things (we call Aida "she" because of the LED eyeliner).

Yet even though cuter, Aida is just as creepy as PIVO because "after two weeks, Aida learns your favorite areas of town... and builds knowledge about the different activities you enjoy in the city." Eventually Aida knows all of your driving habits and then starts suggesting detours based on real world events happening nearby. That might sound cool until your wife borrows your Audi one day and Aida chirps, "It's 7 a.m.! Time for the crack house!" Follow the jump to watch the video, and prepare for your precocious robot overlords.

[Source: Engadget]

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