Turbo Rotary Mazda MX-5 - Click above for high-res image gallery

If you get the impression things are all high gloss and dubs in Vegas, you wouldn't be far off. But walk around the SEMA compound long enough and you come across something cool that that speaks to the gearhead, track rat in each of us.

Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of details about this red NA Mazda MX-5, but we do know it's been worked over by Mike Burlas Designs from Rialto, California, and it has a turbocharged 13B rotary underhood. Further, it has been kitted out with an adjustable suspension, upgraded brakes and what appears to be a fiberglass (or Kevlar) blistered fender kit.

But the crowning jewel is the carbon fiber fastback roof which the company is selling in fiberglass form for $1,800. It's not quite as cool as the MX-5 coupe concept from way-back-when, but it's nice to see the Miata getting some S2000-style fixed roof love in Sin City.

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