Branew Lexus RX450h - click above image to view hi-res gallery

Let me be blunt: I don't like luxury crossovers. At all. It's a niche with no appeal to me whatsoever. Not a car, not a truck – just a fat sedan jacked up on stilts to woo trophy wives with fancy badges and reassure soccer mammas that their children are "safe." And the Lexus RX gets the sharp point of my spear of anger because it's basically responsible for the high-end CUV craze. Not a fan of hybrids, either. That said, I'm absolutely smitten with Branew's Lexus RX450h.

I think it's the stance, has to be. But there is just something very desirable – from an aesthetic standpoint. The big 24-inch wheels help tremendously, perching Branew's at just the right height. And the lower fascia helps the quite handsome – if not distinctive – OEM grill pop. And I know it's going to be a controversial opinion, but the koi fish on the hood totally work. In fact, I know a certain Subaru WRX that could use a koi or two. Anyhow, while I'd rather gargle nails than rock a luxo-CUV, if forced at gunpoint, Branew's RX450h would be my first (and only) choice.

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