Gullwing America SLS Panamericana - click above image for high-res gallery

Few cars are as classic and iconic as the original Gullwing, also known as the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. Created by a loophole in racing rules when MB realized that, "Nowhere is it written that a door can only open sideways." Hence, Mercedes was allowed to retain the strength of the 300SL's (as well as the 300SLR's) tubular space frame by hinging the doors from the roof. A legend, as they say, was born.

Fast-forward more than fifty years and Mercedes-Benz (via AMG) is about to launch a new gullwing, this time called the SLS AMG. While it's no doubt a great car (553 horsepower tends to do that), some might say it's slightly lacking in the retro SL looks department. Enter Gullwing America (you might remember their updated 300SL) and their new SLS Panamericana.

Created to be a more proper "300SL from the 21st century," the Panamericana consists of seven body pieces including the all important "eyebrows" on top of the fenders. Everything is made from either lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber. Plus, you get those snazzy racing stripes. As well as a swath of Alcantara on the seats set off by contrast stitching. You also get a set of GWA wheels, 19-inchers up front, 20-inches in the rear. While we do like most of what we see, we're honestly not sold on the brows... how about you? Thanks to everyone for the tips!

[Source: Gullwing America]

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