Green pavement? What's so exciting about that? If I wanted to test out some green pavement, all I'd need to do is make a run to the local Home Depot, pick up a can of green paint and dump it outside my driveway, right? Well, that's not exactly what we're talking about here, of course. But just what is "green pavement" anyway?

In this case, the pavement in question has been designed to suck up the nasty pollutants from vehicles and fertilizers from rainwater runoff. Here's what EPA Acting Regional Administrator George Pavlou has to say on the subject:
Runoff from parking lots and driveways is a significant source of water pollution in the United States and puts undo stress on our water infrastructure, especially in densely-populated urban areas.
There are literally millions of parking lots all over the United States and the rest of the world, and many of those are concentrated in densely-populated urban areas. What can we do about all that potential water pollution? That's exactly what the EPA is working to figure out. Over the next ten years, the EPA will be testing various porous pavement materials in its parking lots along with plants that are good at filtering and absorbing parking lot pollutants.

[Source: Wired | Photo: China Photos/Getty Images]

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