SEMA 2009: A quintet of concept Scions leaves us hungry for more

2009 SEMA Scion xB DJ 2.0 Concept by Five Axis - Click above for high-res image gallery

Just like last year, Scion had a group of tuners develop a whole range of models for SEMA 2009. Clustered in one corner of the Central Hall, the group included the Brandon Leung pickup and 0-60 Rally xD we showed you earlier, as well as another handful of tricked out Toyota lites.

First up was the Epic Cartel tC, the only tC in the group and a unique take on open-air motoring and completes what they are calling the Trilogy/Cartel Open Air Collection.

Next up was the xB DJ 2.0 by Five Axis (above). With its widened track and massive contrasting wheel arches it looked like it was ready for some Touring Car duty, but the real purpose was what lay inside: A full mobile DJ set-up. Sadly, it was locked up when we went by for a peek.

Eneri Abillar did up an xB for the xB Tuner Challenge, with a fairly straightforward tuner look and some blazing red-orange paint. Suspension, brakes and engine upgrades made this a runner too.

It was similar to the xB done by Peter Colello, although his was blue, didn't have the Greddy turbo, opting for a BullsEye Power T04B instead. The inside was a wild mix of alcantara, speakers, roll cage and gauges.

The one we had wanted to see the most, however, was the Scion xD by MV Designz. When we saw the name of it in the preview, we had hoped we'd finally get to taste the elusive, underground, Korean BBQ from Kogi. When closed up, the xD looks a lot like any other Scion runabout. When opened, it transforms into a mobile kitchen, complete with fridge, sink, cutting board and grill! Sadly, it was closed for business when we stopped by so no Kogi once again. We promise to check back regularly though.

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