2010 Kawasaki Concours 14 - Click above to enlarge

We often hear debates about the merits of riding motorcycles and scooters for environmental reasons. For sure, older bikes manufactured before emissions equipment were prevalent are significantly more polluting than most modern automobiles. On the other hand, motorcycles are nearly always more fuel efficient than their four-wheeled counterparts and new motorcycles are pretty clean when it comes to emissions.

Ty van Hooydonk from the Motorcycle Industry Council has some input on the topic, and he highlights points such as the drastic reduction in raw material usage – including metals, plastics and engine fluids – and a major reduction in overall vehicle traffic.

These facts, coupled with the aforementioned low fuel consumption and greatly improved emissions controls make motorcycles, as Hooydonk calls them, "green machines." Somehow, we doubt this will be the last time we hear about this long-running debate, especially since Hooydonk says that motorcycling's green angle "is a message we're working harder to deliver out there."

[Source: Dealer News]

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