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Honda made a pretty big splash at the Tokyo Motor Show a few weeks back by showing off a number of eco-friendly concepts, though many of them were decidedly short on actual details. The automaker finally seems ready to talk a bit about the EV-N, EV-Cub, EV-MONPAL and U3-X and how they fit into its vision for the future. According to the automaker:
The EV-Cub is a nimble, approachable motorcycle that invites people to enjoy riding on a daily basis. EV-N is a cute but very promising car that suggests the possibility of true friendship between person and automobile. EV-Monpal is a helpful and friendly vehicle that assists people with special needs. The U3-X operates in harmony with people and suggests a future full of wonder. Designed to be enjoyable to ride, pleasant just to have around and easy to imagine in the scenes of one's life, these products create a picture of a future that's bright, and are kind both to people and to the environment.
Sounds all warm and fuzzy, no? We happen to be particularly fond of the cute-as-a-button EV-N and the EV-Cub, which takes Honda's original nonthreatening two-wheeler and readies it for duty in today's environmentally-conscious society. Click here for the full story from Honda.

  • As you can see, the Honda EV-N can expertly carry three Easter eggs in its cargo area.

[Source: Honda]

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