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It's always somewhat dark and murky down at the Mopar booth at SEMA, but this year Chrysler managed to bring out some pretty cool concepts. One of our favorites is this Dodge Challenger 1320 (if you don't know the reference, channel you inner Vin Diesel), which started as a Drag Pak Challenger and even has a cool Christmas tree lights logo on the front fender.

The heart of the Challenger 1320 is an all-aluminum Gen III 426ci crate engine putting out 556 horsepower and 540 lb-ft torque. The folks at Mopar gave the engine bay a few unique touches including custom valve covers, intake manifold, fuel rails, and long tube headers. The body, although it looks relatively stock, has been upgraded too and features a carbon fiber hood, front spoiler, and headlight surround. If you look closely you can see that the inside headlights have been removed and ducted to the cold air intake system. Other upgrades include a Dynatrac rear end, ARB locking differential, Mopar police wheels, adjustable coilover suspension system and Mickey Thompson street-legal drag radials on all four corners. Hit the jump for the press release and check out our live photos in the high-res gallery below.

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Mopar Dodge Challenger 1320 Image Vehicle: Exploring a Street-legal Drag Pak Challenger
The Dodge Challenger 1320 began life as a Mopar Drag Pak Dodge Challenger. The current Drag Pak option is a light-weight, stripped-down, race-only, special-order version of the Dodge Challenger designed for competitive drag racing.

For the street-legal design, Mopar's design team took the vehicle back to its roots with styling reminiscent of vintage Mopar muscle, updated with today's technology. The Dodge Challenger 1320 image vehicle, named for the 1,320 feet on a quarter-mile drag strip, features Mopar's 426 cubic-inch, all-aluminum, HEMI® V-8 crate engine that generates 556 horsepower. The engine is equipped with unique Mopar-designed valve covers and a dress-up kit. Mopar's long-tube headers and exhaust system allow the cubic inches to breathe. Electric cutouts allow the exhaust to bypass the muffler system, which exits through custom side pipes for added rumble at the dragstrip. Power is put to the ground via a six-speed manual transmission through a custom Dynatrac rear housing with Mopar Dana 60 internals and a selectable, ARB locking differential. Mopar police wheels, widened in the rear, are strapped with Mickey Thompson street-legal drag radials to provide extra grip at launch. A four-corner, adjustable coil-over kit is provided by Mopar as an option for the Dodge Challenger. This system improves the handling of the vehicle under extreme loads of 556 horsepower and 540 lb.-ft. of torque.

Following Mopar's high-impact color heritage, the design team layered the 1320 in Acidic Hue, a non-metallic yellow paint and added matte black graphics. The body is lightened with the following carbon-fiber components from Mopar's design team and Seibon:

• Bulged hood with HEMI scoop
• Front spoiler
• Grille panel/headlamp surround

The interior is equipped with bare necessities--Dodge Viper seats, a sport steering wheel and a Hurst shifter. The rear seat, center console and radio have been removed in order to reduce vehicle weight and maintain the 1320's no-nonsense theme.

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