One of Russia's most popular exports has been its version of roulette – you know, the kind where the player usually closes his eyes during the game and someone has a good chance of ending up dead. In this case it's being played in Sofia, Bulgaria, and the jouers are drivers and motorcyclists running red lights.

The point of the game is to get through a red light at high speed without hitting another car or pedestrian. Bets are said to have climbed as high as €5,000 ($7,370 U.S.), and even folks on the street are said to have placed bets and then watched the intersection to see if anyone bought the farm.

The first fatalities came in June, when a motorcyclist hit an onlooker. The Bulgarian police have been trying to stop the action, but it's hard to stay ahead of text messages among all those intersections in the capital. Be careful on the streets in Bulgaria, folks, and watch out for anyone yelling "Di di mao!" Hat tip to Andrew!

[Source: Reuters via RPMGo | Image credit: Emil Manolov via CC2.0]

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