What do you get when you exchange the 2-stroke gas engine on a Go-Ped for a 4-stroke propane-powered piston popper? Why, a Pro-Ped (of course!) You also get rid of almost all the particulates and carcinogens that burning gasoline produces as well as the mess and bother of mixing gas and oil that 2-strokes require. Patmont Motor Werks (PMW) has hooked up with LEHR, the maker of the propane power plant, and is now offering the cleaner fuel choice on both their two-wheeled GSR Sport Go-Ped and their 4-wheeled (and appropriately named) Go-Quad. LEHR's products have received the EPA Clean Air Excellence Award and have the approval of the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

The top speed on both vehicles is a parent-friendly 21 mph and have a range of about 20 miles at half throttle. They can handle up to 400 lbs and supplying the propane is as easy as twisting on a fresh canister. To help celebrate their 25th anniversary of building family fun products in the USA, and perhaps get some Pro-Peds and Pro-Quads under some Christmas trees, PMW has chopped $100 off the price and are now offering the "high-visibility eco-green" machines for $499 and $699 respectively. Go ahead and read more about them at their website.

*Update: Added video of Pro-Ped start-up procedure and demonstration after the jump.

[Source: Patmont Motor Werks]

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