Mitsubishi was one of the first and most aggressive of the major automakers to jump back into the battery electric vehicle fray in recent years. The Japan Automotive Hall of Fame has honored the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and in particular its MiEV OS control system as Car Technology of the Year. For a modern electric vehicle, the electronic control system is of critical importance to ensure that the battery operates reliably, safely and maximizes range.

The control system incorporates the battery management system, the energy system and the occupant comfort system. The energy system includes the regenerative braking and power saving systems. The occupant comfort manages vehicle acceleration and braking to achieve smooth acceleration and the climate control in order to minimize energy use. All of these subsystems work together to extract the most out smallest possible battery pack.

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Mitsubishi Motors' i-MiEV Wins the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame's "Car Technology of the Year" Award

TOKYO, Japan, October 30, 2009 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), announced today that the "MiEV OS" integrated vehicle control system installed in Mitsubishi Motors' new-generation electric vehicle i-MiEV, has been selected by the Japan Automotive Hall of Fame, a non-profit organization (NPO), as the winner for its "2009 Japan Automotive Hall of Fame Car Technology of the Year" award.

Utilizing the long wheelbase from the gasoline-powered "i" rear-midship layout on which the i-MiEV is based, the high-capacity drive battery is installed under the floor, and the high-output high-efficiency power unit is mounted under the luggage area. Through this structure, the i-MiEV has plenty of range for daily driving while keeping the spacious interior of the "i" base vehicle.

The introduction of the MiEV OS (MiEV Operating System) *1 - an advanced integrated vehicle management system into which the company has poured its wealth of know-how gained from decades of electric vehicle (EV) research and development - has provided the kind of high performance and reliability that befits a new-generation EV. The i-MiEV garnered praise as the realization of the ultimate in environmental efficiency as it emits no CO2 while being driven*2.
*1 Generic name for the integrated vehicle management system developed by Mitsubishi Motors for new-generation EVs.
*2 CO2 generated from electric power plants is not included.
The MiEV OS was selected for the "Car Technology of the Year" award following reasons:

1. Integrated control technology for a mass-produced electric vehicle
2. 3-way charging system for the lithium-ion drive battery
3. Development of the compact, lightweight, and high-efficiency motor

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