After retracing the Detroit-to-DC bailout-begging route taken earlier this year by auto execs, two intrepid souls dispatched by electric motorcycle maker Brammo have finally successfully accomplished their "Shocking Barack" mission. Sort of. While the dream of personally presenting the POTUS on the White House lawn with a slightly used Enertia powercycle bearing a lovingly-painted "Yes We Can" motto and an American flag may have fallen somewhat short, the pair has opted for a plan B C D E that can't possibly fail. Somewhere in the wilds of Washington they have chained one of their bikes to a pole and have mailed Mr. Obama the keys to both padlock and bike along with a letter explaining themselves. While we haven't decided if this tactic is sheer brilliance or whether the boys have had a little too much exposure to the elements the past couple of weeks, one thing is clear; they have already achieved a certain measure of success in bringing attention to electric motorcycles, and more specifically, the Brammo Enertia.

While driving hundreds of miles through rain, cold and dark of early evening, the two have encountered a veritable legion of souls in the many towns they have quietly entered. They have presented their story personally to these folks while asking for a socket to plug into or a couch to sleep on, while at the same time reaching thousands more with a constant barrage of tweets and steady flow of YouTube videos. They have changed the mind of a committed Harley owner and have even had Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher invited to a meeting in the White House (with other captains of industry) where he got to give a short spiel in the presence of the Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu. Though whether or not Barack will be shocked, as it were, is still undetermined, we invite you to hit the jump to watch video of their last ditch attempt and read the text of the letter to the Prez.

[Source: Shocking Barack]


Dear President Obama,

We thought with everyone always asking you for stuuf, it would be a nice surprise if somebody actually gave you something instead. So we tried really hard to present you an electric motorcycle called the Brammo Enertia, made in Ashland, Oregon. It's proof that America can still innovate. Also, it's really fun. And since you work so hard, we thought it might be nice for you to have fun once in a while.

Anyway, we rode one out to Washington for you, but since your schedule is so hectic, and since you're the President, we never had a chance to give it to you. But we've locked the bike near the corner of [location redacted] in downtown Washington.
Enclosed please find two keys, one for the padlock and one for the ignition. Hopefully you [sic] find your way to the bike, or vice versa.

Sincerely Dave Schiff & Brian Wismann
The Shocking Barack guys

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