New GM CEO Fritz Henderson has some good words for his competitors. Surprised? It's all in an effort to make sure that plug-in vehicles get the help they need to become cost competitive. Henderson spoke with the Washington Post and said that costs are the big problem holding back electric cars. To bring costs down, he said:

The more companies that actually develop technologies around electric, the more the supply structure will develop, the better off we'll be. . . . We can't carry the load ourselves. GM can't. No way. We need to have more companies. We source most of these things. We don't do them. We're not in the chemistry business.

On the more comment-generating side of things, Henderson also discussed GM's current hydrogen vehicle status. He said that GM isn't putting as many resources into the H2 program as was before. Adding:

We spent through the mid part of this decade a reasonably high portion of our research and our development money on hydrogen fuel cells. We put 100 vehicles into the market. Consumers have tested them . . . We've learned a lot. The vehicles work. The issue is always cost, 100 percent cost. It's still a ways away from commercialization. No question.

Finally, some numbers. Henderson said the Volt will likely cost around $40,000 while a hydrogen vehicle would cost around $400,000. So, comment much?

[Source: Washington Post]

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