Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge

Not that it comes as a shock or anything, but word comes from Aptera (by way of Green Car Advisor) that it has officially resubmitted its application for DOE loans. The hopeful manufacturer of three-wheeled electric vehicles had previously submitted an application for funds from the DOE's Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) program, but the application was declined as the funds were only available for four-wheeled vehicles.

Now that President Obama and Congress have revised the ATVM program to include three-wheeled cars that can carry at least two passengers and return at least 75 miles per gallon (or the electrical equivalent, naturally), Aptera now qualifies for funding. As such, Aptera has updated its application for a $75 million loan.

The updated application still needs to be approved by the powers that be before any funds will be distributed, though it would seem that Aptera would be a shoe-in now that the program's guidelines have been revised.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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