Michael Schumacher and Tanner Foust at the 2008 Race of Champions

There's our buddy and rally/drift/stunt maestro Tanner Foust (on the right), arm in arm with some guy Michael Schumacher at the 2008 Race of Champions (ROC) held in Wembley Stadium, London. Tanner went as a last minute substitute after Travis Pastrana broke his hip (and ankle) trying to flip a truck. However, in a supposedly backup roll, Foust went on to beat current F1 Champ Jenson Button in front of 80,000 fans before being knocked out of the competition by 2008 ROC runner-up David Coulthard. The 2008 ROC overall winner was none other than Sebastian Loeb.

If you don't know, the Race of Champions was founded in 1988 by former Group B legend Michèle Mouton and is the only race where drivers from different disciplines get the chance to compete against each other in a variety of events utilizing a whole bunch of different cars. The driver skill sets include F1, NASCAR, touring cars, and more recently rally and drift. Last year's cars included everything from a KTM X-Bow to a WRC Ford Focus to special ROC dune buggy. This year should be about the same. 2009 marks a big change for ROC as it leaves jolly old England and heads to China. Bejing specifically and the Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium designed by Herzod and de Meuron.

This year both Foust and Pastrana will be representing Old Glory as the sole American competitors. "I'm very honored to receive the re-invite to the Race of Champions," says Foust. "Pastrana will be the perfect teammate. He's good under pressure, undeniably fast and never misses a side bet." In addition to the ROC, Foust will be participating in daily drift events against a "top Chinese drifter." Having done a bit of dorifto with Mr. Foust ourselves, this Chinese cat had better be good. Like, real good. Best of luck to both Tanner and Travis, as they're going to need it against guys like Schumacher and Pirro. The Race of Champions takes place November 3-4.

[Source: Race of Champions]

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