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Years and years and years ago (like back in the Eighties), we read a study that broke down car ownership by gender. The car most purchased by men? The Porsche 928, with a score of 97% male. Most by women? 69% of the time the ladies bought Nissan Pulsars – you know, those oddball notchback/shooting brake/targa-top modular things that usually came in pink. We mention this because traditionally, muscle cars have aimed at and appreciated by men. In fact, the gender breakdown for the 4th-generation Camaro is 80% male to 20% female. Not anymore.

Despite 'Vettes getting 'em wet as the sleeveless t-shirt proclaims, it seems that what women actually want is a brand new Chevrolet Camaro. At least, that appears to be the case with America's neighbors up in the True North Strong and Free. According to Autos Canada, it's looking like new 2010 Camaro sales in Canada are splitting the gender divide right down the middle, as in 50-50 in some locations. "Unlike the older versions of the Camaro where you probably had the typical motorhead, male, buyer, this is totally the opposite," says one Canadian Chevy dealer.

Why is this? Says General Motors spokesman George Saratlic, "One of our biggest challenges was the muscle car association to the car. We knew we couldn't do a replica of a '69 Camaro – It limits your audience." What does that say about fans of the 2010 Camaro? Probably not much, as the 426 horsepower LS3 version still skews heavily male. Also, the heavy dose of marketing via Michael Bay's Transformers movie series ensures that eight-year-olds and their ilk are way into GM's latest pony car as well. Still, women are clearly seeing something exciting in the Camaro. Thanks for the tip, Lawrence!

[Source: Autos Canada]

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