Back in the 90s, shortly after Lotus introduced the original Elise, the company made it known that platform was designed to be easily adapted to different applications including different powertrains. Any companies that were interested in a platform for a niche products using its own powertrains were welcome to use the Elise underpinnings. Over the years, it spawned several race and concept cars as well as the Opel GT, Vauxhall VX220 and, of course, the Tesla Roadster.

Now that Lotus finally has its first all-new car in 14 years, the Evora, and several hundred have been delivered to customers, the same offer is again on the table. In fact, this time the presentation from Lotus Engineering even shows the Evora chassis carrying an electric powertrain. The versatile vehicle architecture is made largely from aluminum extrusions which can be cut off in different lengths, allowing the chassis to readily be adjusted for length and width as needed. To date no company that we're aware of has adopted the Evora platform. However, given the comparative success of Tesla in using the Elise as a starting point and the increased size of the Evora, it should do even better for potential customers. The full presentation is after the jump.

[Source: LotusEnthusiast]


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