Axon Automotive has once again shown off its pre-production plug-in hybrid, this time at the Milton Keynes Science Festival. Two versions of the lightweight city car are planned, the first using a small-bore gasoline-fed engine that's purported to deliver 83.3 mpg U.S. (100 mpg or 2.8 l/km in the UK).

A second version pairs an electric motor that's capable of powering the car without a drop of fuel for city use with a small gasoline engine that theoretically provides unlimited range for longer trips. According to Axon, the PHEV would generate just 50 grams of carbon emissions per kilometer, easily evading European carbon taxes in the process.

Two adults can fit in the little EV, and the interior is fashioned from recycled carbon fiber, denim jeans and pinstripe suits (really!). If all goes to plan and sufficient funding is sourced, Axon plans to begin selling the car in 2011 with full-scale production slated for 2012.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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