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You might call Mike Boxwell something of a Reva fanboy. Not only is the British electric vehicle advocate (and solar electricity author) a proud G-Wiz owner, he is also the force behind Reva Car Club, an internet forum based around the company and its products. Being such a big-time booster, it's little wonder that when Mike traveled to the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show where Reva's new models were being debuted, not only could he get a one-on-one interview with CEO Chetan Maini, but he also snagged a chance to drive their new NXR before any fancy-pants auto journalists. So what does he think of this new, possibly America-bound, electric offering? He likes it!

Before heading for Germany, Mike took it upon himself to try out Ford Ka, so as to have something to measure the NXR against and in almost every way the Indian electric matched up quite well. Fit and finish was comparable, with the materials in the interior of the Reva being somewhat snazzier. Our enthusiast also found the NXR to be a lot more roomy than the Ka both in the front seats and back. The only place the Ford seemed to excel was the satisfying "thunk" of the closing door, though Boxwell was assured that this and other minor details would be improved before actual production. You can read Mike's written review at Reva Car Club and hit the jump to watch the video of his NXR first-drive as well as his interview of Mr. Maini interspersed with shots from inside both the NXR and their sporty NXG.

[Source: Reva Car Club]

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