Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge

Just about a month ago, a rendering of what appears to be the final production-spec Aptera 2e showed up at apteraforum.com. As interesting as that image was, it only showed the futuristic machine from the rear three-quarter view, leaving us to wonder what changes had been made to the front fascia.

Wonder no more. Thanks to a new post at Aptera Forum, we get another glimpse of what's purported to be the production-spec car, this time from the front three-quarter. As before, we note some obvious changes to the original design, most notably the addition of a hood and a front bumper.

We also see front wheel pods that are asymetrical, new headlight clusters with integrated turn signals, new side mirrors and newly-shaped windows that now feature a lower sill – likely necessary to facilitate fully functional roll-down glass. Take a look at the image below and be sure to check out apteraforum.com for more commentary.

[Source: apteraforum.com]

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