We found out which vehicles were the most popular "green" clunkers in the Car Allowance Rebate System that ran its course earlier this fall, but it won't take much sleuthing to discover where all these clunkers have ended up. According to the AP, the disabled SUVs, minivans and trucks (mostly) are still sitting on scrap lots around the country. One recycler in Minnesota has acres crammed with 4,000 cars and can only dismantle about 100 cars a week. This is a problem, because all of the clunkers are supposed to be recycled and dealt with within six months of when they were turned in for the rebate that was worth up to $4,500.

The American Recyclers Association said before the program ended that the clunkers would be recycled "according to the rules set forth under the CARS program to achieve the highest of environmental standards. With protecting the environment being a major component in this legislation, recycling these vehicles is the next logical step." The ARA is now asking for more time to properly recycle the vehicles. Sounds reasonable, no?

[Source: AP]
Photo by dno1967. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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