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Years ago, on a post-collegiate backpacking trip through Europe, we became strangely obsessed with the Renault Twingo. Going so far as to compose red vin induced Weird Al style poems, "Twingo, Twingo little car, how I wonder why you are." Today, we're having a slightly different reaction to this diminutive Renault.

Mostly because out back you'll find a 3.5-liter Range Rover sourced V8 kicking out 180 horses. That's right folks -- it's a Twingo with a mid-mounted V8. They call it the Twingo Trophy. Obviously, if you drop a V8 into the back of a runt like the Twingo -- even a small V8 -- you've got to perform some fairly serious mods. And French motorcycle builder Lazareth did just that, creating a modern day Renault R5. Albeit one with inboard shocks.

If you look at the pictures, you'll notice both the front and rear tracks got widened, comically so out back. The reason for the latter is a special rear tubular subframe Lazareth had to shoe horn in to deal with all the extra weight and power now suddenly present behind the front seats. They also put some goofy-sized 320 Yokohama slicks on the 18-inch rear wheels. Making the Twingo Trophy all the more ridiculous. But in a good way. We think. How much? About $100,000 give or take. A small price to pay for such a... distinctive Twingo.

*Update: There's a good chance the V8 makes much more than 180 ponies, especially judging by those wrapped headers. Also, we've added a pair of videos after the jump.

[Source: Carscoop]

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