Some say he has a problem with authority. Others say he's actually capable of being in two places at the same time, and getting arrested in both. All we know is that Top Gear is making less sense with every passing day.

One of the BBC car show's myriad blogs reports that the enigmatic test driver known to all as The Stig was "sensationally" arrested by police in Dublin for some unknown incident, possibly involving assault on a "hairy biker" or a swan. Not much else was said, other than that the arresting Garda officer was friendly and that the program's live action show is set to visit the Irish city in December.

Meanwhile, TG frontman Jeremy Clarkson disclosed in his regular column in The Sunday Times that the Stig was also detained in the Mojave Desert, where the crew was apparently filming another misadventure in America. According to Clarkson, "a lorry full of soldiers" mistook Stiggy for a Muslim since he's not fat. Right... For our part, we'll take both stories with a grain of salt as big as Stig's helmet while we wait for mug shots from either incident to surface.

[Sources: Top Gear Transmission and Times Online]

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