Cedric Glover, the mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana, went to Washington, D.C. to plead his case for the sale of Hummer to Tengzhong. The only thing is, we're not sure why he went. To be more precise, we do know that he wants to protect jobs at GM's Shreveport plant that builds Hummers. The plant has about 800 workers who build some of The General's pickup trucks and Hummer models, and the loss of The Big H would undoubtedly put people out of work.

What we're not sure of is what he thinks Washington has to do with it. He did ask that a couple of D.C. muckety-mucks "consider reaching out to the Chinese government to urge immediate approval of the Hummer deal," but Washington hasn't expressed any opposition to the deal and probably couldn't get the deal concluded on the Chinese side any sooner -- never mind the fact that Hummer is the least of Washington's concerns as far as China goes.

We've been told by one source at Hummer that although nothing is final until it's signed, they feel good about the deal, and Tengzhong must have known what it was doing when it made the bid in the first place. Yet beyond all that, as it stands today the Shreveport plant has three years to live at most: the facility wasn't part of the Hummer sale, and GM said it would shutter the place by 2012 at the latest. Mayor Glover wants to save jobs in his town, which is great, but unless GM starts going gangbusters (and soon) then Glover could be playing the Deck Chair and Sinking Ship game.

[Source: HummerGuy]

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