Tokyo 2009: Honda rolls out the EV-Cub, we pray for a production model

Honda EV-Cub Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

You meet the greenest people on a Honda. Well, maybe not quite yet... but the World's Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer has signaled its intent to usher in a new era of electrically-powered two-wheelers, and a modern-day Cub seems like an excellent way to do just that.

Honda is showing a conceptual electric Cub as we speak at the Tokyo Motor Show, but strangely isn't letting out very much information about the machine. We know there's an electric motor powering each wheel and some kind of battery pack sitting in between somewhere in the frame rails, but that's about it.

Regardless of how little we know about the EV-Cub, it's a concept we wholeheartedly approve of. We're big fans of the original gas-powered 50cc model, which has been known to return well over 200 miles per gallon in daily use, and a thoroughly modern drivetrain seems like a fitting way to inject some new life into the old Cub. See our high-res image gallery of live shots below.

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