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A little while back we saw some glammy B-roll of Oullim Motor's Spirra – Korea's first supercarrunning around Seoul with some of Italy's big dogs. While the Spirra might have lacked the visual punch of the F430 and Gallardo, it sure seemed able to keep up with both of 'em. However, one YouTube video does not a supercar make and we haven't paid the Spirra much mind since then.

But perhaps we should. CNN just did a ride along with the man behind the Spirra, Han-Chul Kim. First of all, just to refresh, the Spirra (also known as the Tiger) is powered by a modified Hyundai V8 to the tune of 500 hp and can hit 60 mph in 3.7 seconds – totally on par with other supercars. But again, what makes the Spirra compelling (or at least noteworthy) is that it is Korea's first supercar. CNN interprets this as proof that the Korean automarket has come of age, causing one analyst to comment that the Spirra is a way of saying, "Hey – we can make a supercar, too."

As for Kim, he spent ten years researching Italian exotics before he set to work on the handmade, 100% Korean Spirra. He calls the car his "dream" and his "baby." Judging from the video, you also get a sense that a lot is riding on both Han-Chul's and the Spirra's shoulders, namely the pride of a nation's auto industry. Looks like his hard work might be paying off, as a Dutch car dealer reportedly just ordered 145 Spirras. No word on whether or not the Spirra will be making its way over to the States, but here's hoping! Make the jump to watch the video. Hat tip to John!

[Source: CNN]


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