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Seems like that plan to build Reva electric cars in New York State is gaining some traction. Apparently, there is now an exclusive licensing deal for North America between the Indian company and Bannon Automotive. If you've never heard of Bannon you're certainly not alone. Although they've reportedly been in talks with Reva Electric Car Company for almost a year, the company, along with its CEO Steve Bargen (Bannon's CEO is now Paul "Otto" Wimer) , are certainly lacking in web presence. Despite the would-be manufacturer's unfinished website, though, they absolutely have ambition.

They are trying to bring over $85 million together from various sources to get the project up and running and, according to one source, are eying a 150,000 sq ft building in Clay, NY. Although the final outcome is still entirely speculative at this point, it is interesting to note that they have some political heavy-hitters in their corner (Senator Chuck Schumer, anyone?) and so we certainly wouldn't bet against them.


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