Daihatsu Tanto Exe and Tanto Exe Custom -- Click above for high-res image gallery

A "tanto" is a short Japanese sword or dagger, which means the only thing it has in common with the Daihatsu Tanto Exe and Tanto Exe Custom is the descriptor "short" and the additional epithet, "light." Both the Tanto Exe and Exe Custom are "lighter and more fuel efficient versions of the Tanto" which, compared to most other cars, is still no heavyweight.

We could put the Tanto in our own words, but Daihatsu's marketers have hit a hyperbole home run so we'll go with their phrasing: "both vehicles feature expansive interiors at the top levels in their classes," "the sophisticated interiors allow adults to enjoy the pleasure of driving," and "the exteriors express both quality and vitality." Oh, we can say that the Custom has a Momo steering wheel. As for the rest, have a look at both vehicles in the gallery of high-res images below and decide for yourselves.

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