VIDEO: Autoblog tries out Volvo City Safety on boss's BMW

Autoblog tries Volvo City Safety on XC60 – Click above to watch video after the jump

A number of bloggers on our team actually have real jobs, those crazy 9-5 things we full-time bloggers hear so much about. Sure, an actual 40-hour work week can tie one arm behind your back when trying to be a power blogger, but our own Dan Roth gets around this by incorporating his two incomes to achieve a task we set out for him.

The charge was simple: Try out Volvo's City Safety technology that comes on the new XC60. City Safety is Volvo's new active safety technology that uses an optical radar mounted at the top of the windshield to measure the speed and distance of any objects in front of the car. It does these calculations around 50 times per second, and in the event of an imminent collision with said objects, will automatically apply the brakes. It only works when the XC60 is traveling between 2-18 mph, though.

Dan's response: "Great, I'll set up some cardboard boxes and we'll see if it stops."

Our response: "Lame."

Dan went back to the drawing board and wound up producing the video after the jump. We expected him to up the ante beyond sacrificial boxes somehow, but he gets our mad respect for going this far. Oh, and in case you think we set up multiple cameras to shoot all those angles, think again. Dan got so comfortable with this test that he ran it five times to get all the angles.

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