1967 Voxmobile by George Barris - Click above for image gallery

Feelin' Groovy? Do you like guitars, speed and attention? If so, check out eBay Motors item number 260492703795. It's the one-and-only George Barris-created Voxmobile! Powered by a Cobra 289, it's said to be the fastest promotional vehicle ever created with an estimated top speed of 175 mph. Not that we'd recommend it. Molded from wood, plastic, steel and fiberglass, the fully-functional, guitar-sided Voxmobile was designed for publicity and incorporated a bunch of Vox musical components.

Think of it as a super-quick parade float, or better yet, a '60s calliope, with 32 guitar inputs, a Vox Super Continental organ, three Vox Beatle amplifiers, and a dozen or so additional speakers. Most of it still works, but the seller says this original, unrestored, 40-year-old custom vehicle needs a bit of work to make it all hum.

The Voxmobile was once owned by the world's fastest guitarist, Jimmy Bryant, and was almost a Hollywood star, dropped from the final cut of the Jack Nicholsen flick, Psych-Out. It still made the promotional lobby cards though. And it can be yours for the low-low price of just $175,000. The seller will even help you source a correct bass and head unit to complete the package. This thing is a hoot, but the promotional video for it is stellar. You won't believe the level of talent that came out to reminisce about this Barris creation. Check out the groovy YouTube video after the jump and the full gallery of pics by clicking below.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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