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Here are five technologies that "could change everything":

  • Advanced car batteries
  • Carbon capture and storage
  • Space-based solar power
  • Utility storage
  • Next-generation biofuels

This is the list culled by the Wall Street Journal, and we note that plug-in vehicles benefit/are tied to four of those five items. All five if you include things like the E85-capable range extender in the plug-in Chevy Volt.

Meanwhile, over at the Seattle Times, Tesla was named one of eight companies that are changing the world. Other companies on the list are working on technical, gadget-y advances (laser broadband streaming data at 1.25 gigabytes a second) and eco-advances (green building materials) and more.

What we take away from these lists is that people have a lot of hope that technology will save us. Somehow, someday. Just wait until a better widget comes along, then all will be well.

[Source: Seattle Times, Wall Street Journal]

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