One of our ever-alert readers has been out walking the neighborhood armed with a camera this weekend when he spotted one of the most anticipated cars of the next few years. Sitting in a neighbor's driveway was a Chevy Volt IVER prototype. We know GM has been out running the Volts on public roads including a 1,200-mile, three-day drive from Michigan to Virginia last week.

However, it's unusual a year before production to see the engineers driving these types of pre-production units home for the weekend. That doesn't usually happen until much closer to Job 1. On the other hand, it's also unusual to see such cars running undisguised this far ahead of production. GM has been so open about this program from day one that they haven't bothered with camouflage on any of these prototypes.

The fact that GM has seen fit to allow these vehicles off the proving ground is a sign that they have a reasonable degree of confidence that it is going to work reliably. That's a good sign for Job 1, which should come just about a year from now. Thanks to Eric for the photo!

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