VIDEO: Smart car drifting not only possible, but fun to watch

Drifting Smart fortwo - Click above to watch the video after the jump

There are some images that don't fit into Newton's laws of physics. In nature, flying pigs and twinkle-toed Grizzly Bears come to mind. On the track, we can't think of many things more odd-looking than a drifting Smart ForTwo. After all, it's about as tall as it is long, and it's awfully narrow, too. It's like drifting a postal truck... only smaller... and less agile... and more prone to flipping on its side.

That didn't stop one pioneering tuner from turning the ForTwo into the ultimate lunchbox drifter. The white Smart looks to be modded to the hilt with an overhauled powertrain ('Busa, anyone?), exhaust and larger wheels and tires. Those wheels are also pushed out by several inches as evidenced by the bulging wheel arches. Hit the jump to watch the video shot in Japan. The drifting of this one-of-a-kind Smart car won't make anyone think about Ken Block or Rhys Millen, but this little two seater can sure get around the track, spitting flames in the process.

[Source: Wrecked Magazine]


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